Our charter
MSS is an information technology consulting company committed to setting the standard for the delivery of leading edge Internet - enable enterprise-computing solutions. We create and integrate business information system with Web technology.

MSS focuses in component architecture, client - server solutions, messaging and workflow. MSS engineers work in all major database application, Internet technologies and languages. Every customer is unique, different goals, different business culture and different people.

At MSS, we recognize this. So, our services are tailored in a manner that best addresses each situation.. We are not contractors who just bill by the hour, but experts who get the job done.

MSS technical Resources is a division of MSS Consulting association with MSS Consulting is - as it enables us to evaluate and qualify software engineers like no other Recruiting Agency. Our fee is contingent upon your successful hiring of candidate. Our goal is to build long-term relationship with our customers, leading to complete solutions for growing companies.